IN Search of holy grail! Is it money?

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From time immemorial, the great aims of human endeavor have been classified as- Dharma, Artha, Kama, moksha translated roughly as moral efforts, wealth, worldly pleasures, and salvation. However, the pursuit of these objectives is hierarchical and chronological. Skipping any of these might not be a good idea for a fulfilling life. Now Artha (wealth) of an individual is mainly the materialistic well being of an individual. The majority is sinking in the quicksand of uncertainty caused by the idea of money as the only aim and ambition.

We always think if we just had a little bit more money, if we don’t have to think twice to buy something, we’d be happier, but the reality is when we get there, we’re are not. Yes, we get a dopamine thrill at first from expensive things but we soon get used to them, a state of running in a place called “hedonic treadmill”. People when it comes to money tend to choose goods rather than the experience of the journey. It is not abundance but the scarcity of things that makes you realize the value of something.

Dharma (efforts) always precedes Artha (money). Money is just an incentive to your efforts which helps you keep going as incentives are of important significance in the human psyche. Money provides you with purpose. We always seek a chance to be remembered by future generations and lead a life that truly matters but without money, it is not possible to have any impact.

The crux of the argument is to set the things right. Who is behind the wheels, is it money driving you or you driving it? Always remember without money all your efforts, reasons may seem platitude but in the end, it’s all about setting the thoughts and priorities right.

Is there a line?

But is there a line? You know, maybe you go too far, and discourage the next Charlie Parker from ever becoming Charlie Parker?  Asked Andrew

No, man, no because the next Charlie Parker would never be discouraged. Replied fletcher

This conversation comes from the movie ‘Whiplash’ which in its sense brings adrenaline highs. The lesson took away home are undercurrents of social commentary and thoughtfulness about what it takes to make it in an increasingly competitive world. What makes you different? How you could set up a reference for success? It is by pushing your limits, there is nothing called enough. Creating new benchmarks destroying them and creating new again is the sole definition of success. One should not aim for boundaries instead should aim for setting up new boundaries and to all this, it may seem unpalatable, ‘Praise’ ruins it all. The most dangerous two words in the English language are ‘good job’. We’re in the times of praise done over and over. Simply put overwatering drowns your saplings.

Times will come when things will become hard to bear. You will lose hope by convincing yourself that either you’re not meant for this or this is too tough. But if every single thing is enjoyable then everyone would have done that. It will take time to nurture, take away your moments of pleasure, will ask for your relationships and belongings but the outcome would be worth it.

Making life worth it is no simple task. It always asks for efforts. The only thing that differentiates you from the crowd and stays solid is “how far are you willing to push yourself to succeed”?

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